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The companionship evolves with communication and revolves around it. Because it is important to know what the client expects and it is important to communicate how best it can be done. Therefore, it is a two-way channel, and one must reciprocate the other and the channel must be kept open till the final whistle. Communication is not limited to the vocabulary there are so many ways to communicate other than spoken words. The gesture, the posture, the smile and the momentary flash in the eye, everything carries a language totally different from the spoken words. But, each of them carries a message, and that is very important. In fact in an ideal companionship the language takes a back seat sometimes but not always. The Bangalore Escort Service is a game, a game of believing in good time. The client wants to spend some quality time with the escort to cool off, maybe to free his brain from the daily cacophony to somewhere ‘far from the maddening crowd’.






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    Feel good do better

    It is not fiction its fact and hard science. Therefore, it is better to play the game and play by the rule. The playfulness on the part of the escort is an essential part of their grooming. It is better to practice it. The profession of escort and hiring the service is like a great magic show. Everybody knows that they are being fooled yet they enjoy the fun. Same is the case with the escort service; the client knows very well his waltzing partner will waltz only a few hundred steps, and that is the end of the fun, but the elation of those few moments will recharge him to the next break. The same is true for the partner also, she knows very well that there is little chance to know the fate of the person whom she is tending and assuring for the sunny days. Possibly she will never meet him again, but that is the theme of the play. And each of the playing partners play by the rule.

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    The greatest punishment is to live in isolation. Therefore, there will be occasions when the client asks for the escort service to unwind his inner self. The companion or the escort must listen to the accumulated grief and dejection of the client and console him. While the unwinding process will be a flurry of emotion, a combination of vocabulary, gesture and may be an occasional outburst, the consolation part may be a patient hearing. Therefore, communication does not necessarily mean nor does it demand an unlimited stock of word. It, in fact, it demands unlimited control or a vice like grip over the urge to speak. The main thing is the compassion; a man in turmoil by his natural instinct can understand how sympathetic his listener is. Therefore, it is important for the escort to communicate that she is not only lending a patience ear but also realizing the gross injustice done.